BIO_SOLE® is a self-contained biometric credentialing system designed to meet the security, mobility and privacy needs of identity and access control automation. BIO_SOLE is suitable for the most sensitive controlled-access applications. Its reliable and consistent performance eliminates the security risks associated with lost swipe cards, compromised access codes and identity theft. BIO_SOLE is also cost effective.


Each person walks in a way that is unique to them. This way of walking, or gait, creates a PEDO_BIOMETRIC® signature that can be used to establish identity and to monitor various health conditions.

The unique PEDO_BIOMETRIC signature is created by measuring the pressure placed on the different regions of the foot while standing, walking or running. This data is gathered by the BIO_SOLE® and can be monitored for changes over time.

Mobile Health

BIO_SOLE® is poised to play an integral role in Mobile Health (mHealth)—the use of mobile devices and technologies to support the delivery of health care services.

The BIO_SOLE can be used for:

  • Occupational Health and Safety: Occupational health and safety departments can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE® to measure the impacts on workers of heavy lifting, prolonged standing and other physical stresses. This information can be used to prevent injuries, maintain or increase productivity, and save industry billions of dollars each year
  • Sports: Physiotherapy and rehabilitation experts can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor and prevent sports injuries. This information can be used to customize treatment plans and to ensure that long-term mobility issues do not happen.
  • Seniors: Seniors can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor their balance to prevent falls. By monitoring their movements in real time, seniors can learn when to rebalance themselves to prevent falls and injuries. This information can also be used by first responders to aid those who have fallen.
  • Disease: Medical professionals and emergency responders can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor people with diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke, lower limb amputation, diabetic neuropathy and more. This information can be used to monitor the progression of disease and to respond to falls.
  • Medicine: Medical professionals and researchers can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor stumbles and falls in people taking new medications. This information can be used to adjust medication dosage, and to reduce the incidence of adverse drug effects.

autonomous_ID has partnered with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick to study and evaluate the BIO_SOLE. During this study, the BIO_SOLE is used during a variety of physical activities and the gathered data is processed using software contained in the insole. This creates a baseline PEDO_BIOMETRIC® signature for each BIO_SOLE user that will be monitored over time for early detection of conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and more.

Autonomous_ID, a LLW consortium member, offers the BIO_SOLE.

Safety and Wellness

GoX Studio, an innovator in worker assessment using proprietary wearable sensors and algorithms, has developed the most comprehensive and accurate sensor kit on the market. These sensors can be easily worn by workers to improve their safety and well-being as well as dramatically reduce worker’s compensation claims caused by injury.
GoX Studio has developed GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness. GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness is a wearable sensor kit specifically designed by ergonomists. It is the only sensor kit on the market that measures form, fatigue, force, and rate of perceived exertion from the user.
Briotix is working with GoX Studio to lead the application of wearable technologies and cutting edge science as GoX Studio brings this innovative solution to market.

More details are given on the website and in the videos below. kUAz0VSKf2U v=OTibHKumtp8

TeleMedicine Products and Services

PowerFirm Ventures Provides:
  • Primary Care Platforms (PCP),
  • Telehealth Kiosks,
  • Hospital Information Systems,
  • Teleradiology services,
  • Telemedicine ambulance services,
  • Air Ambulance services.

The Primary Care Platform (PCP), shown above, integrates apps, wireless devices, labs, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring into one ultra-portable care delivery system.
 Telehealth Kiosks or Automated Telehealth Machines are stand-alone clinics with telemedicine fixtures, Videoconferencing, Laboratories, EMR and Medication Software embedded. They:
  • Are transportable, convenient, efficient, and effective. 
  • Allow remote diagnosis and treatment without eliminating the essential patient-doctor interaction. 
  • Empower remote healthcare personnel, allied healthcare personnel, healthcare extension workers, and patients by providing artificial intelligence powered mini-clinics capable of providing access to specialists and specialized services.
The Hospital Information System uses a Cable System that provides patients and healthcare facilities the Feel and aura of a Digital Hospital and a Hotel.
The teleradiology service consists of the transmission of radiological patient images such as x-rays, CT-scans, and MRIs from one location to another for the purpose of sharing the images with other radiologists and physicians.
Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide their services without actually having to be at the patient's location.
 Teleambulances are equipped with:
  • A telemedicine capability,
  • Telerad fixtures,
  • Cardiac telemetry,
  • Satellite receivers,
  • A GPS, an automated weather station,
  • Solar panels,
  • Software that allows emergency care, monitoring and coordination.
Each ambulance is a mobile emergency operation center that provides EMS and is very effective during disasters.
 Air ambulances are equipped with:
  • An ICU set-up,
  • Cardiac telemetry,
  • Telemedicine features that allows for the monitoring of patients throughout their transit.
The air ambulance allows records and results to be transmitted to hospitals and doctors, and stored in an EMR where they can be retrieved for future reference.

Health Equipment Suppliers

Another member of the Living Learning and Working Consortium is a commercial medical equipment and supply provider. This member provides equipment and supplies to the US government.
They specialize in home modifications for handicap people. They can supply and install emergency response systems.
For more details, visit their website at:

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