Food Production

A Living Learning and Working Consortium member has extensive experience in:
  • Development of sustainable organic production systems for vegetable, field and medicinal crops.
  • Evaluation and development of production practices for introduction and establishment of new crops in a given environment.
  • Agroforestry-forest farming with forest medicinal species,
  • Alley cropping with vegetable and medicinal herbs,
  • Evaluation of genotypes using growth,
  • Radiation use efficiency,
  • Yield component analyses.
NUF Water Treatment

The NUF water filtration system is a new revolutionary way to filter and sanitize water in one sole and unique pass, at an extremely competitive cost. The NUF membrane provides one of the best filtration and cut-off rates available in the market, assuring a rejection of all pollutants in the water which are bigger than 30 nm (=0.03 µ). Pathogens, parasites, bacteria, suspended solids, most of the organic matters and most viruses are retained from permeating the membrane thanks to the excellent and almost unbeatable membrane surface quality and accuracy, which was originally designed, manufactured and tested according to the strictest medical standards.

NUF filtration involves including the NUF technology for the purification of surface water, the upgrade of secondary effluents, the treatment of swimming pool water, the recycling of irrigation water in greenhouses, and for tens of other application in the water industry – usually providing the best available technology at affordable costs. Wherever filtration and sanitization of the water with no use of chemicals is required – there NUF will provide a valuable solution just with a simple physical means. Other applications for the NUF technology can be applied in agriculture and to waste water.
The NUF1500 solar powered unit  produces 1500 liters of water per hour. It can produce a minimum amount of clean drinking water for 180 people per day and maximum amount for 300 people per day. We have calculated the effectiveness of the NUF1500 for an African country. See the picture below.



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