Living Learning and Working Inc. is a tax exempt organization. The primary purpose of Living Learning and Working is to address the economic, housing, health, and education issues facing veterans, the elderly, and the economically challenged. Many of these issues threaten the very existence of those targeted groups.


The general goal of Living Learning and Working is the establishment of communities or revitalization of communities with housing and economic systems that ensure the inhabitants’ physical security and economic survival. Our specific goal is to address the following issues facing veterans, the elderly, and the poor: inadequate housing, poverty, unemployment, inadequate health care, personal safety, inadequate education, and inadequate plans to address the issues. In other words, we are dedicated to “Helping veterans, the elderly, and the economically disadvantaged to obtain an acceptable standard of living.”


Living with an acceptable quality of life involves:
  • Protection by a caring community,
  • Responsibility to a caring community,
  • Willingness to respect and get along with others,
  • Willingness to respect and follow the rules of the community,
  • Physical security – freedom from violence,
  • Legal security – freedom from unwarranted harassment by authorities,
  • Social status security – freedom from harassment because of social status,
  • Food security – freedom from malnutrition and starvation,
  • Shelter security – freedom from homelessness,
  • Health security – access to health facilities,
  • Commitment to manage one’s own health,
  • Commitment to get and keep employment.
Learning about the possibilities includes:
  • Encouragement by a caring community,
  • Best caring teachers,
  • Relevant competitive education and training programs,
  • Coaching and assisting with financial aid to fund education/training and supplies,
  • Identifying resources needed to become self-sufficient,
  • Willingness to learn and teach others,
  • Willingness to learn in order to obtain employment and remain employed.
Working for a better tomorrow, today inspires:
  • Community involvement in business creation,
  • Community support for  local businesses,
  • Student involvement in business creation,
  • Willingness to do one’s best on the job,
  • Willingness for businesses to take the workers’ and the community’s interest into account and to negotiate with workers with a view toward ensuring  the fewest loss of jobs,
  • Willingness for businesses to make long-term commitments to the workers and the community,
  • Willingness for businesses to pay employees a living wage,
  • Internships,
  • Mentorships.
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 Living learning and working Inc. has partnered with inclusive growth form, IGF, in order to seek solutions to real-world, complex, problems.

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