Economic Develop
The Need for Economic Development
Many members of economically depressed communities:
  • Go hungry every day.
  • Cannot afford a healthy diet.
  • Live in a chemically contaminated environment.
  • Cannot obtain employment at a living wage.
  • Are homeless, do not have affordable housing, and cannot obtain employment.
  • Do not have access to affordable healthcare.
  • Do not live in a physically safe environment.
Many members of economically depressed communities:
  • Do not know that they can be involved in the planning of their students’ educational programs.
  • Do not know that they can demand that their students’ schools have competitive academic and vocational-technical programs.
  • Are not able to ensure that their students' education will assist them in obtaining employment.
  • Cannot ensure that their students are not hungry most of the time.
  • Cannot ensure that their students live in and are educated in a physically safe environment.
  • Students' are homeless.
Principles Of Socially Responsible Businesses
Underlying principles for socially responsible businesses are:
  • Community assets which are provided to assist in the establishment of businesses will be converted to their financial equivalent for the purpose of considering their worth as a financial investment.
  • The value of community assets which are provided to assist in the establishment of businesses will be considered on par with liquid financial investments.
  • Communities will be valid stockholders of any businesses to which they provide assets.
  • The community’s ownership of businesses will be proportional to the value of assets that the community provided to the businesses.
  • Community assets should be used to minimize the liquid financial investment required to establish businesses.
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