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LLW Consortium Members

Frontrunners League
The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation is a platform for the most talented disruptors in the social impact innovation space to come together to network and collaborate on projects. This League is possible because of a close partnership with the global consortium, Living, Learning and Working, Inc. (LLW).
The technologies being used are amazing, and the innovators involved are real heroes.  This is The Frontrunners League, and if this sounds like you, we want to know. You can connect with us at our website address below.

EconoTeque's first goals is to Provide all our customers and clients the highest quality products at affordable prices locally, nationally, and internationally. EconoTeque's second goal is to Produce or provide products that will meet the economic needs of peoples all around the world. The list of EconoTeque’s products and services are: healthcare products and services, 3 D printers, IT training and consulting services, and Electric Bikes.

Direct Medical of America
We provide quality medical products for all your healthcare needs. It takes a team effort and a tremendous amount of dedication to provide effective and compassionate care, and our team is dedicated to serving those who need it. We offer the personal attention you deserve and we strive to ensure that your daily life is made easier on your journey toward your health milestone.

Autonomous ID
autonomous ID was founded in 2007 with a mission to develop robust, self-contained biometric identification and monitoring technology for use by the insurance, corporate, health and fitness industries. A strong team of management, scientific and engineering professionals leads autonomous_ID’s research and commercialization efforts. These efforts are based on a foundation of biometrics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and analytics technologies. autonomous_ID and its products are on the leading edge of wearable technology, a growing industry that promises to change the way we live and manage our lives.

Our assembled Team of Experts are responsible for the design and delivery of some of the World's most innovative water related monitoring and management systems. The jewel in the crown being the Flood Detection and Stormwater Management System for the highly commended and awarded engineering masterpiece - the Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel - the system that protects the KL City Centre from flash flooding while also functioning as a traffic tunnel.

Cogilex R&D Inc.
Cogilex is an expert maker of AI Medical Chatbots, See our demo of one of our chatbots for Total Knee Replacement. Cogilex is the creator of Seenso Health, a cognitive-based semantic search engine that ranks webpages intelligently based on the meaning of their content. Seenso also provides machine-learning insights for users to explore.

GoX Studio
Ergo Pro is our most complete biomechanical and physiological assessment solution. It is intended for the professional to assess form, force, fatigue, fitness and environment. Accuracy is validated by US Army sponsored protocols. Ergo Pro supports: worker wellness, injury prevention, post-injury, ergonomics assessment, risk assessment, physical demand analysis, and industrial performance programs.
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University provides more than 60 undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs and concentrations, a diverse international faculty, 50 plus student organizations, and an extensive alumni network comprised of politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, authors, artist, and more, many of whom are change agents on the local, national and international stage.

Morningbird Media Corporation
Create whatever you want: toys, games, consumer product, and etc. If you want a specific battery, a sound amplifier, or a heat detector, Morningbird Media Corporation provides the capability of creating functional 3D electronics at your fingertips.

AAMU-RISE Foundation
The AAMU-RISE Foundation is the contracting entity for Alabama A&M University. Our business is research and development, which is critical to innovation because it is the investment in technology that enhances capabilities and transforms ideas into products, processes, and services. We are capable of serving as either a prime or subcontractor to manufacture products or provide innovative services that the U.S. government must have.​ In today’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, the government's urgent need to solve real-world, complex, problems demands the collaboration of diverse minds and resources. We are ready to collaborate.

Brane Technologies
We are developing a monolithic mobile supercomputing platform for embedded systems, virtual and augmented reality, IoT and other applications. The platform provides advanced high performance compute capabilities for next generation applications in a compact, low power form factor. Utilizing the latest advances in semiconductor designs and heterogeneous computing the BraneCell™ device is uniquely positioned to provide new levels of performance to application spaces that traditionally relied on power-hungry, server-level computational structures. The inherently reconfigurable nature of the device and support for industry standard interfaces allows easy integration into tight, energy efficient spaces that previously required custom silicon engineering. Paired with a monolithic unified programming paradigm and support for industry leading operating system and development frameworks the system permits rapid application development of complex, real-time applications in a fraction of the time it takes to design and build embedded systems.

SolGen Renewables
We offer the following products and services: power plants, solar power, substation and grid development, and battery storage.

Hughes Who Productions
We are using 3D/AI/VR along with game theory (gamification) as a form of digital therapy whereby we are augmenting peoples minds and motor skills through gameplay. With a shared virtual experience environment and stimulating new ways for patient and therapist to engage with behavioral mental health issues and PTSD issues for veterans.

Liminal Virtual Reality
With a world class creative and development team and dedicated research team of neuroscientists and psychologists, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with immersive technologies. Our flagship product is the Liminal Platform; a collaboration between Liminal VR and our partners, which include some of the best game design schools, universities and developers around the globe. Taking an evidence-based approach from research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology as well as implementing tried and tested techniques from the games, music and movie industries – the Liminal Platform delivers short, engaging virtual reality experiences to empower people to choose how they feel and perform.

I am IT
We specialize in delivering technical training courses to all audiences.
​We have courses that cover the basics for the most common hardware and software in use today. We offer exam preparation training for CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Google Applications, Cloud Platforms as well as Microsoft certifications. We offer database management courses and security basics as well as professional development courses to ensure you are ready to enter, progress and succeed in your career.

Plastic Collective
Plastic Collective’s solution is based on 3 fundamental pillars. Empower people with knowledge, Innovate new designs and materials, and Create with practical and reliable tools and machinery, such as the Shruder machine. The Shruder program (machinery & training) provides communities an end-to-end plastic recycling solution to produce valuable recycled plastic output in the form of shredded raw material, filament/ cord and moulded products. The mobility of the Shruder allows the plastic recycling machines to be taken to the waste, eliminating the restrictive cost of transporting plastic waste in remote areas and islands. We work with communities, who are often forgotten by the rest of the world, as they struggle to hold back the tide of plastic waste engulfing their environment. We provide education programs that encourage plastic to be seen as a valuable recyclable resource and not rubbish. We provide machinery and training to operate a sustainable plastic recycling micro-enterprise.  We provide a marketplace for communities to sell their valuable recycled plastic.

WAL Consulting (HK) Ltd.
Wal Consulting provides solutions for buyers, suppliers, and governments. In addition, it provides analysts and logistic support.

The Varkin process consists of: preparation of a customized pro forma for every prospective client, describing laboratory installation setup and reimbursements for their particular medical practice or laboratory; physician office or laboratory client chooses appropriate test panels, based on but not limited to their custom pro forma; physician office space is prepared for installation of laboratory equipment; laboratory licensing applications are submitted, and appropriate personnel for laboratory operations are identified; laboratory equipment is brought onsite, and testing personnel are trained; once validations are complete, tests can be ordered and run -  reports are generated, patients are treated quickly and appropriately, and client can submit to insurance for billing; and we provide the highest level of on-going consultative support to all of our physician clients.

Sub Saharan Open University is an African institution that offers disruptive learning in entrepreneurship, agropreneurship, and innovations, replete with smart curriculums for technological novelties, business incubation and acceleration. SSOU emphases technological and scientific contents for the transformation of the African continent and is counting down on the Singularity.

Tech Care Now
Tech Care Now, Inc. develops, markets, sells and distributes customized technical support and training services for businesses and consumers. We turn support costs into revenue. We help build customer satisfaction and loyalty. We provide industry-leading expertise.

Euro Alliance
Hi-tech/fin-tech innovation, IoT, mobile/telecom technology, block chain, renewable energy (water/solar), smart-city solutions. Business strategy, marketing/branding and financial consulting services for ambitious, fast-growing small/medium sized businesses and start-ups within consumer healthcare, life-science, medical device, pharma, med-tech and FMCG sectors. Mobilizing internationally offered products and services to and from Asian markets.

EIL Global Australia
EIL Global provides technology services to meet your needs by and when you need them. EIL Global’s global presence in 65 countries helps us to get the right solution for you. With over 600,000 man hours of exposure and experience in professional services, and with more than 55,000 devices managed by Managed Services team, EIL Global Australia provides the best-in-class technology experience for you.

Compassionate Holistic Healthcare
Compassionate Holistic Healthcare, LLC, is an alternative healthcare service that touches the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, environmental and financial well-being of every human individual, one individual at a time. We are commented to providing our clients a comprehensive evidence-based holistic health model that educate, engage, equip, and empower them to live a life of "optimal health" or "whole health." We intentionally take the time to assess each client individually because we recognize every individual operates from several different "parts" and one individual "part" affects the "whole. Our trained holistic health educators, coaches, care managers, and mentors intentionally assist in guiding the client on a self-fulfilling journey of holistic health, healing, and wellness. "Optimal health" is the primary goal of "holistic" health practices and is therefore the primary focus of Compassionates client focused model, The Whole Person Model of Health and Healing.

At CoviSolution, our mission is to fulfill the medical supplies in demand to protect and fight against COVID-19 worldwide. We assemble strategic partnerships to deliver discounted rates in an ever-changing market that has emerged from the pandemic.  Our international network consists of entrepreneurs, technologists, industry leaders, manufacturers, and legal professionals. Within our team, we strive to provide a faster and more efficient way for medical professionals to get the supplies they need in this crucial time.

Podiatric Medicine, Doctorate      
RESIDENCY, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Bergen Regional Medical Center, Paramus, NJ
Chemistry, Bachelors of Science   
Medical Terminology, Associates of Applied Science 
Health Care Director
Living, Learning, and Working, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee
  • Provides health care consulting services.
  • Sets up healthcare quality management programs.
  • Sets up health care supply systems.
  • Interfaces with a wide variety of LLW consortium members’ clients at various levels of responsibility within their organization.
  • Helps to market the LLW consortium members’ goods and services
Advisory Committee
Autonomous ID
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Attending Podiatrist
The Baltimore V.A. Medical Health Care System (VAMHCS)
Baltimore, MD 

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